22 Lessons Learned:

Crimes That are Often and considered to be more Serious in Nature.
Law breaking is considered a convectional Tradition. Felony crimes should not be taken lightly. Committing one felony crime can have you locked up in prison. Here are the most commonly committed crimes in many countries. Assault is majorly committed in various countries. Assault is a big issue, and it is also known as bothered assault. It is very common in the streets of most countries. Threatening to inflict physical harm upon an individual or committing physical violence is known as assault. So that means, is you threaten to abuse someone without the actual infliction of the deed, then it may cause felony assault. Felony assaults can cause serious penalties such as, fines, prison time, as well as hunger management classes which is the worst of all.
Another most common felony charges in various countries is vandalism. When an individual is involved in the act of knowing destruction and damaging private and public properties, then the act is known as vandalism. The vandalism has to damage or deface the property. The extent of damage or delay may be irreparable or diminished. Now it is known that various vandalism are minor misdemeanours. But vandalism acts that result in major property damage can constitute a felony offence. So the punishment of damaging somebody else’s property can undoubtedly make you a prisoner.
Fraud is an offence that is often and is considered to be more serious. Fraud is huge. We have all been hearing stories about the big-time fraudster, the Ponzi schemers and the pyramid schemes. But fraud occurs in various forms and shapes It involves lying, false holds, employing deception, and other kinds of lies to gain profits, financially and typically. Fraud is in various categories such as, check fraud, mail fraud, credit card fraud, wire fraud, public office management and counterfeiting among others. They can all cause the charges of felony, depending on the egregiousness’ and the state of the offence, and that can lead to serious penalties.
Lecerny is also a crime that can be punished by one or two years.
There is no doubt that felony is the commonest of all the felony crimes. When you unlawfully deprive another their property, it is known as larceny.
People usually think of this when they use the word theft, but in actual sense it is robbery. The category of theft is legally broader and much less concrete. It includes acts that are deceitful as embezzlement and theft of private and public property. For example it is involving taking of the property to take away the property from its owner.

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