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  • 05, 04, 2019
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Every person needs rest. You don't? I'm sorry. Every person really needs a rest and it's not just about people who work every day, but surely even those who care for children at home. One way or another, families with children enjoy every year on holiday and therefore try to enjoy the moments of relaxation with the children. What do they need? Holiday in the mountains best with our mountain accommodation!
The mountains are the ideal place for families with children. The reasons are more, but perhaps the most important thing is the fact that families with smaller children prefer to travel on holiday by car and because our mountains are the closest car, they are the number one choice. And then this super mountain accommodation from our server!
Everyone needs an active rest-go to the mountains!
Take with you grandma and grandpa, in our huts and cottages our mountain accommodation is enough for all places!

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