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The race was very heavy. It seemed that Ondřej couldn't handle him. When he was logging in, he wasn't sure he'd done the right thing. But he loved the challenges and he just went. His friend was even worse off with cyclists, and it was also quite motivated. But they were both dressed up like pros, perhaps they weren't so very concreted, clothed in Silvin, and looked ominously. But when they mounted the wheels, they barely took half the track, but they were also proud of themselves.
That guy's gonna be something
Ondra was not tall or small. He was just right, and everyone said he had a talent for sports. Basically, whatever he reached, he let go, and he was successful. He is currently rehearsing for cycling, and because he goes to the fullest and demands total comfort and comfort, he rides his clothes from Silvini. Otherwise, he can't even imagine. His parents always said there was something about the kid, and it always had a connection with some sport.

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