Put your ice cream in the wrong mood

  • 05, 04, 2019
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Do you want to sell ice cream in summer and look for a quality distributor? In this case, visit our range of ice creams for the year 2013 and let yourself be enched by a wide range of products. One of the novelties for this year is ACAÍ flavoured ice cream, which is the Brazilian berry fruit.
For this year we have prepared, in addition to the already mentioned flavour of fruit extract and other novelties, which are for example powdered mixtures for draft ice cream or new cakes for confectioneries. In addition to these innovations, the company offers the Adria Gold ice cream and the classic, already traditional menu of scoop and draught ice cream.
Kopečková and Draught
You can choose a draught, which we supply as already finished frozen mixture or you can use dry powdered mixtures. At the hill you can choose from fruit sorbets, which are with large pieces of fruit or creamy ice cream with large pieces of chocolate, peanches etc. or ice cream with grazing or toping.

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