They are characterized by a very long life

  • 05, 04, 2019
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Aluminium windows

Aluminum windows are a great variant of other materials for making windows. They have excellent qualities and many strengths. They are characterized by a very long life, luxurious modern appearance, which will add a building to elegance and sophistication, and great strength and durability.
Aluminium windows

Like the plastic windows, aluminum windows have seals on both wings and frames, and air gaps. The great advantage of aluminum is its light weight, many variants of appearance and color, and undemanding maintenance of this material. Aluminum is the possibility of wide design utilization. It enables very precise and precise production, and many variants of profiles.
Large glazed areas

The big advantage is that the aluminium windows and doors allow the realization of large glazed surfaces. Houses with large glass spaces look presentable and increase prestige.

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