What kind of course?

  • 05, 04, 2019
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Draught ice cream is a clear favorite of hot summer days! You can produce it from a ready-made frozen mixture, which is placed in the factory. This way you save time and get a distinctive flavour that will impress every customer. By homogenization and pasteurization, hygienic safety is ensured and durability is increased. You can produce this mixture in a manufacturer that has no pump. Drift with vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, lemon or raspberry flavor.
It is also different
Do you prefer this style of preparation or do you reach for another? You can use dry powdered mixtures and prepare your delicacy in the classic way you are accustomed to. The advantage of these blends is that they are gluten free. In summer you will have no famed vanilla, top chocolate, refreshing pistachio or yogurt. Ice Cream one poem.

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